Accounting and tax advisory for freelancers

Accounting services for freelancers who use different online social platforms like: Upwork, Themeforest, Youtube, Instagram & more.

Our accounting fees starts from 700 lei + VAT/per month.

Our consultancy fee (if you don’t need an accountant or already have one) is 250 lei/per hour.

Contact me via Skype: luizadaneliuc

Legal – Drafting contracts

Drafting contract for companies, prices starting from 400 lei/per contract

Write me on Skype: Flavius Danila, Lawyer ID SKYPE: flavius.danila

Dissolutions & liquidation of the company (without liquidator)

Dissolution of the company without the liquidator is possible if you meet some requirements. In order to check if you meet those requirements, please send us via email the latest balance sheet of the company.

The procedure includes the formalities at the Trade Register as well as the financial statements and the liquidation report.

The fees start from 800 lei/company for the Trade Register formalities and 1.000 lei/per company for the financial statements and liquidation report.


VAT registration in Romania

In order to become VAT payer in Romania you must comply with several conditions and you must take several steps in the right order.

Our fee includes preparing, submitting the necessary documents to the fiscal administration and assistance during the interview at the fiscal administration.

We offer you guidance every step of the way. Please write us an email for a quotation.



Accounting and bookkeeping services for SRL, PFA & NGO’s in Romania.

Tax registrations, tax returns, corporate income taxes, VAT compliance.

The fees for accounting include also the payroll services but we can make you a separate offer as well.

The fees starts from 400 lei + VAT for firms without any activity for the first 3 months.